My Friend, Priscilla…

…Was the one who took me to the Vets Hospital. She worked there and had a date one week with a guy she met there. He stood her up. Somehow I met the same guy and he asked me out. Priscilla and I both knew he’d stand me up.

He did. He must have had a vendetta against women.

Priscilla invited me to her home for Thanksgiving. Not a comfortable home. It is the only Thanksgiving in my life that all the food on my plate was white.

We were both depressed and left as soon after dinner as we could. She didn’t need to explain why she worked at the candy stand in the Vets Hospital and lived at the Blue Triangle. I would have done anything to get out of that house too.

At Christmas Pauline asked me to Christmas dinner at her house. We  got there on time. There was a long table of food and people ready to eat the food. There was also her mother at the head of the table, drunk as a goose. We ate and left. I could see why Pauline lived in Oakland too.

We went horseback riding. It was a beautiful, sunny warm day and we enjoyed our ride. I did despite the clever way my horse suddenly galloped and then took a quick right. If my foot hadn’t got stuck in the stirrup, I would have flown to the left. And there were rocks everywhere. That should have taught me a lesson, to avoid horses-by-hire. Unfortunately for my well-being some months later, it didn’t.


1 thought on “My Friend, Priscilla…

  1. All this true? Didn’t know you were ever on a horse. We have a new baby: Joseph P. Gannon IV. Joey and Laura doing . well. Joanna and I took care of Luke yesterday. Mostly Joanna did. Rainy all day but inside anyway waiting for the new dryer. Had a good day Wed. at the Gallery being led by art historian guide to see the Della Robbia collection. I wouldn’t have appreciated it if guide hadn’t been so good and enthusiastic about it all. How are things? j

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