Tim Leary

Tim was good to work for. That was in 1956-7, well before he went East and discovered LSD. He was good-natured and enjoyed the work he directed at psychology Research.

Since I wasn’t part of the Leary-Gill research, I didn’t see much of him. The work I did for him always came from Helen. All the employees in Tim’s office were women. I think they sometimes hired women no one else would; for example, a very pregnant young woman. She complained about her husband who was studying for his bar exam. He did nothing but eat, sleep and study. He hardly spoke at all. She probably looked for a job to have someone to talk to.

At the time, in the summer of 1957, Tim was divorcing or being divorced  by his second wife. His manner toward all of us was friendly. He never paid extra attention to anyone.

Surprisingly, one of his good friends was the used car salesman who sold me my two Fords. Donald seemed to me to be an odd person to be a good friend of Tim’s. But he was single and ready for anything, I imagine. And Tim was single, or almost single, for the first time in many years. I think he wanted to play.

One day I started down the stairs from the office to the front door. Ahead of me was Roberta and a good friend of hers, very attractive, who had just arrived. They were going out for lunch. Tim and Don were coming up the stairs. Tim stopped.

Roberta introduced her friend to Tim. A couple of steps behind Roberta, I saw the look Tim turned on Roberta’s friend. He was suddenly not the pleasant, smiling guy I saw every day. He was a man very interested in this new woman. There was a lot of sexual heat in his look.

It was a shocking surprise. And I wished, for a second, that it was turned on me.



1 thought on “Tim Leary

  1. So comment: Those years we spent in CA are to be remembered. Are you thinking about putting these blogs together into one piece? Though I didn’t have a Tim L. I did have an Alexander Pope that I never saw and then there was the Chalo friendship that changed my life, for the better.

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