Bernie is doing…

…well. He has minor upsets to his routine. And routine is important to someone who has few things to think about. He can get exercised when they moved him into the little dining room for meals, instead of letting him eat in his room. The little dining room is on his floor, around the corner from the nurse’s station. He raised a fuss about it at first but now he’s settled down. At least for awhile. Until there’s a new change in his routine.

I plan to take him to my hearing aid guy who is now in Putnam. Previously he went to Willimantic for his hearing aids. Trips in wheelchair vans will be too expensive to go there.

I hope he’ll agree to see Ralph, my hearing expert. I’ll tell him the van is too expensive to go to Willimantic. Will he accept that?

In the meantime, I’ll be leaving him behind as I go with our son and daughter-in-law to  Prince Edward Island, Canada. It’s his place. He should be going and It should be the one staying behind. but that’s not the way it worked out.


2 thoughts on “Bernie is doing…

  1. How is the hip? A date for operation? Andrew here another week. It’s nice to have him and less stress than first week. Hope to see you in the fall. Had a good one night in NY for Lloyd Wright blast. How’s Bernie feeling? I’m healing from second cataract surgery. As you know drops forever

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  2. Good to hear you will be all. New by October sometime. Much easier than knee I hear but what do I know. Only had to get thru eyes. And Steve can go. We’re moving along thru rain but I’m driving myself to lunches w several friends. Guys leave Saturday

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