I Need to get Back in Shape

I just discovered this afternoon that there’s a reason I’ve been low of energy. I spend part of every afternoon on my bed, resting.

I’m anemic; my hemocrits are low. Whew! There’s a reason I don’t get hardly anything done. I need some red meat. I’ll have a hamburger tonight at dinner. A few months ago I decided to eat more fish here at my retirement village. No pot roast or meatloaf or hamburger, all of which I could have eaten.

I’ve been wondering why I have no get up and go. I’ve just been doing what had to be done. Which didn’t get me to the gym, or to yoga class either here at Creamery Brook or at my former yoga place. I felt guilty yet unable to make a more. I keep remembering the words of one of the women who live in the Creamery Brook building, (I live in a separate cottage.) She said, “Elinor, you need to come over for exercise class and other things.” Yes, yes, I know it–maybe now I can do it.

P.S. Several days have passed since I wrote this. Sigh.


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