Saying Goodbye to my Garden

I’m getting rid of my garden this Fall. I’m giving away the day lilies in my garden and maybe the daffodils and the other plant I have. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten what it’s called. I have some friends who want the flowers.

My raised garden is about ten feet by five feet. I’ve got a lot in it: seven day lilies and endless daffodils. And the pretty nameless flower.

I should be sad in finishing my career as a gardener. But I don’t know that I am. I was such a bad gardener this summer with its dry, hot spells. I didn’t water enough. And I didn’t weed enough. It was neglected. I put in some annuals to fill in the empty spaces. But they don’t look right. They don’t look cheerful and brimming over with life. I must have bought the wrong kind.

Nasturtiums — that’s what I needed. They are so strong and their color is bright and cheerful. How could I have forgotten them? Last year I had little bouquets of them in my cottage. I’ve given up my garden, but next year I can have small pots of nasturtiums on my windowsill. That’s what I’ll do.


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